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Alpine Coaster Oberammergau: Thrills for the Entire Family!

Alpine Coaster OberammergauThe Alpine coaster Oberammergau is a thrill ride (with a view!) for the entire family.   You ride the coaster in a cart on the world’s longest weatherproof toboggan run with a magnet system. How would I know? I’ve done it myself, and I don’t even like roller coasters!


What You Need to Know about the Alpine Coaster Oberammergau


Alpine Coaster Oberammergau

chair lift to the coaster


First, purchase a ticket for both the chair lift and the alpine coaster.   Then, you’ll take the chair lift (like the ones at a ski resort) for a ride up the mountain, where you’ll board the coaster at the top. The chair lift ride is incredibly scenic.  Looking forward, you’ll get lovely views of the forest and mountain, and looking behind you, you’ll see the gorgeous Bavarian countryside and Alps.


Once at the top, you’ll transfer over to a cart to ride the Alpine coaster.   Here are the details:

  • The coaster features a modern, magnetic break system. You control the brakes, which are levers that are located on both sides of the cart.


  • Seat belts are required for safety.


  • The fastest that you can go is 25 miles per hours, and believe me, that’s fast enough!

    Alpine Coaster Oberammergau

    rear view from the chair left


  • Each cart seats either a single user, an adult and a child, or a taller adult and a smaller adult. If two people are going in one cart, one person sits inside the legs of the other. Be aware that the smaller person must sit in the front.  My fiancée and I went in one cart, but one of us is much taller than the other.


  • Children ages 3 and up can only ride with an adult.
Alpine Coaster Oberammergau

where you board the coaster



  • Children age 8 and taller than 4 feet 7 inches (1,40m) can ride alone.



  • The track is an 8,530 foot (2,600 m) slide, with many twists and turns, that goes down the side of the mountain. There are not any huge rises and falls, like on a roller coaster; it’s more like a toboggan run.


Are You Hesitant to Ride?

I definitely was too! I don’t enjoy roller coasters, and I’m afraid of heights. I went on the Alpine coaster because my Alpine Coaster Oberammergaufiancée really wanted to.   We rode in one cart because I was too scared to go on my own. I would highly recommend riding together if you’re scared. Let the other person control the breaks and tell them you don’t want to go very fast. I made it through just fine, although I did close my eyes around many of the turns!   My fiancée absolutely loved it, and took another ride by himself.  You can check out the video below that my fiancée took of a portion of his ride.  It will give you a sense of what to expect.  My advice to you . . . Do it!  If I did it, so can you.  It’s a vacation experience you won’t forget and will regret not doing, if you don’t go.


Location of the Alpine Coaster Oberammergau

***Be sure to check the park’s website before you go. Hours can very from month to month and are weather dependent.

The Alpine Coaster Oberammergau is located at Kreislainenweg, 82487 in Oberammergau. The park is right off highway B23 but can be a bit tricky to find if you don’t have a GPS or a cell phone with the internet. If you have internet access on your cell phone, click on the map below to get driving directions.   If not, print the directions and a map of the turns near the park before you leave. There is one tricky turn in which you’ll have to go under the highway to enter the park.

Alpine Coaster oberammergau

Other Activities at the Park

From June to early November, the park also features a ropes course, playground, and hiking trails. In the winter, a ski facility operates on site.


Other Activities in the Area

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Video of Alpine Coaster Oberammergau

Here’s the video that my fiancée took of a portion of his solo ride.  It will let you know what to expect in your ride.